IS2007258035 – Veröld frá Langhúsum is 5 years old, has been started under saddle and ridden on the trail for a couple of months. Her father is IS2002158466 – Háttur frá Þúfum which is evaluated with 8.68 (8,61 for conformation and 8,73 for talents, with f.ex. 9 for tolt), he has been a top class competition horse in T2, 5-gait competition, and A-flokkur (5-gait gaedingakeppni). Her mother was 4-gaited with 7.57 in main score (was not trained a lot when she was evaluated). Her mother has had 2 older daughters that have been evaluated, and they were after stallions with just 8 in main score, but those mares (same mother) have 7.70 and 7.73 in main score. Verold has 108 in Blup. She has easy gaits, is smooth to ride on with good footlift, a very promising mare for competition and breeding evaluations. Price 500.000 isk (ca. 3 300 EUR, ca. 4 300 $).