We have great indoor activities.  They are wonderful and loads of fun if you f.ex. want to have a great time indoors for some reason.  Or is there is a winter blizzard or cold rain, good enough to drive in but not a pleasure to ride in?  Are your plans not doable because you wanted hiking but the weather makes it impossible?  Are you looking for a fun activity to do even if it’s dark outside (we might even have Aurora at that time of the day)?  Or do you simply want a bit different experience than the regular horse tour?  Then the winter adventures are the thing.   Meeting the Icelandic horse, learning about how incredibly unique in the world these horses are, learning to ride them and have fun in our indoor arena, maybe do some games on horseback, enjoying Icelandic snacks and coffee/tea/hot chocolate (or even stronger drinks), soaking in the relaxing geothermal mineral bath ( More info here) with the water from the Langhus natural hot spring.  It´s a load of fun.   Be welcome here, also in the middle of the winter, also if it’s dark, or if the weather is a drag, or is you simply want cozy fun, it’s always fun here at Langhus farm.

The snacks can f.ex. be the very popular Icelandic tradional heart-shaped waffles with a choice of toppings, as many per person as you like.  Toppings are either homemade blueberry jam, or the traditional Icelandic way (with homemade rhubarb jam), also whipped cream (if you like), or simply Nutella chocolate spread or maple sirup. Also with good real coffee, a choice of teas, or excellent quality dark hot chocolate (with cream if you like), and carbonated fizzy water if you like.

The price for the full package, including snacks and coffee/tea/hot chocolate and the geothermal bath experience (the full experience including taking the geothermal bath takes ca. 2 hours) is 12 000 isk.  A wider selection of drinks might be available for an extra price.



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