We live in a big valley, Flókadalur.  The valley opens up on one end to the north Atlantic ocean, but in the other end (towards the highlands) it gets split up into several valleys.  That range of valleys is a huge mountain pasture, surrounded by mountains, beautiful and lush in the summer time.  We, along with 3 other farms, put horses up in that pasture in the summer time, usually from July to October.  This year we were a bit delayed for several reasons, but we at Langhus took a herd of our horses to the mountain pasture yesterday, where they will enjoy themselves into the fall.  We were 3 people together, Láki, Lukka and our 12 year old son Heimir, which was helping us like an adult to drive the herd.

Láki took pictures on his telephone on the way, so you can see a bit of the atmosphere.  First when we drive the herd up through the valley (about 7 kilometers way), and then later when we come to the fence of the mountain pasture (which is thousands of hectares big), then when the group runs the the freedom where they can live the wonderful life of wild horses for a while, learn to walk in all sorts of land, and just be horses, and then in the end when we and the riding horses relax, but after that we rode back home.  A wonderful family day and wonderful horse day.