A minimal pinto mare of ours (started under saddle), Æska from Langhusum, was sold recently to a good home. She’s black pinto, and both parents evaluated 😉 She will be bred before export, to Hnokki from Þúfum, a bay splash carrier, evaluated with 8.59, and 8.80 for talents, and a super competition record 🙂 I took her to the stallion yesterday and she’ll stay with him for a few weeks. He greeted her very happily, she wants to wait a few days and turned a cold shoulder *smile*, but here you see them get to know each other 😉

See the stallion on one of the pictures with really natural tolt with raised neck and good stride 🙂 Something that comes naturally to many Icelandics, and then we use months and even use to get to the point where we can ask them to do the same under saddle 🙂

See the mare on one of the pictures doing what I presume would be called extended trot in english (but then that’s not my native tongue 😉

I love seeing them do this naturally 🙂 I love seeing them do this smoothly under saddle too 🙂