Freisting frá Sauðárkróki.

Meaning of name: Temptation.
Age: 6 (born 2007)
Color: Dark bay (brun / jörp).
Level: Beginners / novice / intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2007257710.
Size:  143 cm (cm and 14.1 hands).

A ready horse for everbody, very much trained with a heart of gold, good energy but so controllable that the tiniest rider can control her.  Has been ridden quite a lot, 10-12 months in her life.  Is a pure 4-gaited horse, this mare will never bocome pacy.  The tolt is as soft as it will get, a perfectly smooth sofa. The tolt is easy to ask for, she tolts on the slightest command, in totally clear beat, can go from good slow tolt to a nice speed.  With more training she can go even faster in the tolt.  The trot is average smooth to sit on, with a good speed range.  Knows basic dressage, steps away from leg, leg yields, turns on the forehand, backs, all on very soft commands.  The temperament is super and she is super responsive, goes full speed when asked, slows down to walk by the slightest command.  Is totally tolerant for the rider, even though the rider waves hands and does this and that strange she’s perfectly calm, and she’s super on the ground, can be touched everywhere and is fine, and just likes attention.  Super soft in the mouth, obeys the bit perfectly.  Has top blodlines and is a good breeding prospect too.  A SUPER PROSPECT FOR CHILDREN’S COMPETITION, OR ADULT CLUB COMPETITION, WHERE YOU NEED A RELIABLE, YET TALENTED HORSE.

Sire (father): IS2003181385 – Samber frá Ásbrú (Evaluated with 8,26 for talents, 8,13 for conformation, 8,21 in main score).

Dam (mother): IS1992286104 – Yrkja frá Kirkjubæ (Evaluated with 7,93 in main score).