Broodmares 2013.

We have updated the page about our broodmares.  There are lots of fun pictures there 🙂  Click on the link above 🙂



3 broodmares are back at our farm (others are still with a stallion). From left to right:
Buckskin pinto mare foal, father Þórálfur from Prestsbæ (4 yo with 125 in BLUP).
Bay pinto mare, Dýna, owned by a Swedish friend.
Black roan (color changer) mare foal, father is Sjóður Kirkjubæ (ev. 8.60), mother Hersing.
Black roan pinto mare, Hersing from Langhúsum (ev. 7.73).
Grey bay pinto mare, Glaðning from Stangarholti (ev. 7.93).
Grey chestnut colt, propably homozygous pinto, propably splash carrier, father is Álfur from Selfossi (ev. 8.46).
Life is colorful and talented.