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We run a service helping people finding their dream horse in Iceland.  We also occasionally sell one of our own horses.  But these types of […]

Gæfa frá Lundi IS2015252470

Advertisment from December 2024.

Gæfa frá Lundi


⭐️Experienced mare.

⭐️Bomb proof.

⭐️Black pinto.

⭐️Your safe friend for life.

⭐️140 cm. tall (13.3 hands).

⭐️ Very easy going.
⭐️Friendly and easy to catch.
⭐️Super smooth […]

Abbadís from Dæli IS2016255065

Advertisment from NOVEMBER 2024.

See a quick trailer at […]

IS2009184892 Feykir

Advertisment from 2021.

Feykir IS2009184892
Export is easy and no troubles for horses to travel between countries, we take care of the whole process.
Video link here below.
Feykir […]

IS2009258001 – Hrefna from Sigríðarstöðum

Available now (year 2021).

IS2009258001 – Hrefna frá Sigríðarstöðum is available. 11 years old. An absolute dream riding horse and a wonderful breeding mare. She went […]

IS2015257052 – Andrea from Ketu

IS2015257052 – Andrea frá Ketu

I have a blue dun pinto ( musblack skäck / mósótt skjótt) mare for sale, Andrea, 6 years old (born 2015), […]

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