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We run a service helping people finding their dream horse in Iceland.  Now in the winter 2020-2021 we’re using a lot of time looking around […]

Geysir frá Syðri-Ingveldarstöðum IS2010157170

Advertisment from January 2021.

Geysir frá Syðri-Ingveldarstöðum
⭐️Experienced gelding.
⭐️ Riding video at
⭐️Talented, yet easy going.
⭐️Friendly and easy to catch.
⭐️Super smooth tolt, he’s like a sofa to […]

IS2020158039 – Fálki frá Langhúsum

Advertisment from 2021.

Fálki a colt that is silver dapple and roan (color changer), possibly splash carrier, with good blodlines, born 2020.  We have started and […]

IS2010284985 – Krissa from Efri-Þverá

Advertisment from 2021.

I have a blue dun mare for sale, Krissa, 10 years old, good size, ca. 140 cm. Trailer loads easily. Calm towards other […]

IS2009258001 – Hrefna from Sigríðarstöðum

Available now (year 2021).

IS2009258001 – Hrefna frá Sigríðarstöðum is available. 11 years old. An absolute dream riding horse and a wonderful breeding mare. She went […]

IS2015257052 – Andrea from Ketu

IS2015257052 – Andrea frá Ketu

I have a blue dun pinto ( musblack skäck / mósótt skjótt) mare for sale, Andrea, 6 years old (born 2015), […]

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