Project Description

Gjörð is started under saddle, a bit inexperienced but with very good temperament, and courageous for her training stage. She’s friendly in pasture, trailer loads easily.  Has been ridden for 2-3 months, both in paddock and on the trail.  Tolts and trots easily but she’s of course not that much ridden, that she needs a bit more training in her gaits before they’re “push-button”, they’re pretty easy to get though.  Average smooth to ride on.

Meaning of name: Girth (referring to her “white belt”, her color markings).
Age: 6 (born 2010)
Color: Black pinto / tobiano (svart skäck / sort broget / brúnskjótt.
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders, might become a good beginner horse too.
Registration number: IS2010257681
Size: 142 cm
Sire (father): IS2006157500 – Kóngurinn frá Syðra-Skörðugili.
Dam (mother): IS1989257677 – Hrefna frá Grófargili.
Price:  450.000 isk (ca. 3100 $, ca. 2800 EUR).

IMG_7353 IMG_7351

Gjörð 3