Project Description

Advertisment from October 2020.

A super smooth gelding for sale, a very easy prospect for an experienced rider that is new to the breed. OR FOR A BEGINNER that has good good instructions from an experienced rider.

IS2009176460 – Prins frá Reyðarfirði is available. 11 years old. He has a super smooth sofa tolt, and loves to tolt. He can trot too if you really ask for it, the trot is pretty smooth too. And his canter and gallop are really cool 🙂 He’s very friendly in pasture, easy to catch everywhere, loves people. He’s very calm about his body, fine with pretty much whatever the rider does on the ground and in the saddle. I’ve owned him for a couple of months and he’s learned so much in that time. He’s very soft in the mouth, listens to a very light hand (due to that, and that he loves to tolt, I think he’d adjust very quickly to western riding, even though he’s just been ridden English), listens perfectly to sound clues (whoa and clicking the cheek (what’s the word for that sound?)). He’s very handsome, and has a gorgeous mane that always splits naturally on both sides. He’s strikingly white, but keeps clean, doesn’t like rolling in mud (it’s bad mud season on our farm now, and I have never seen the need to wash his body, not even for the pictures/video). He’s good in shoeing, keeps the shoes well too. Trailer loads perfectly. Is forgiving regarding us hosing the legs. Stands well for mounting. I´ve starting schooling him, with leg yielding, backing, leading when the person is running, and more. He’s quick to learn, and loves to learn (he’ll sell his soul for a cookie, but is very polite about it, isn’t pushy by begging). He’s a nice prospect for various training, f.ex. at liberty work. He’s 142 cm tall (14 hands). He is very courageous, but I usually ride him with a braid in the forelock, when he’s half-blinded by the braid on the trail he can get timid. He loves being taken care of, brushed, braided, everything. He’s strong and with excellent endurance for long rides when he is in a bit of shape. Goes equally well alone and in company. He is fine in the herd, never starts a quarrel with the other horses (he’s in a group with mixed mares and geldings). Is in training now (and in good shape). Neither lazy nor goey, just likes to go calmly in the speed you want (whether it’s fast or slow). Is a very good prospect for somebody new to the breed.

I’m looking for a home for him where the rider has a soft hand (he’s not happy with a heavy handed clumsy rider), is experienced (for the same reason), is in the lighter end (80 kg/180 pounds or less). Ideally it’s somebody that likes training their horse and do fun stuff, but he also loves simply having fun on the trails. And I would be so happy if he’d go where he’d be a pampered pet as well as a cool riding horse.

Icelanders that love trekking: He is an experienced trekking horse, goes perfectly in the group with loose horses, is super calm but with nice energy when ridden behind the loose horses, and takes great care of inexperienced riders when trekking. Goes as a handhorse and can be ridden with handhorses (teymist vel).

Great prospect for school programs like Knapamerki, all stages.

Is standing at our farm, Langhus farm, in Northern Iceland. Export is easy, me and the exporter take pretty much care of the whole process. Clear info on our website, at The exchange rate for the Icelandic krona is great now, it’s the perfect chance to buy your dream horse in Iceland. We also have a bunch of other horses for sale. I have been running a service helping people finding their dream horse in Iceland, since 1997 (we also do riding lessons and horse tours for tourists).

Feel free to ask any questions, it’s easiest through PM but you can also call me in +354-8478716

Price 850 000 ISK (ca. 5200 EUR/6100 $/4800 pounds).

Video at He’s starting to have quite a bit of winter fur, but you can see him and his elegance better on the pictures than the video. The video starts with work in hand but ends with videos on the trail.