Project Description

Gabriel is an experienced riding horse, very happy, and smooth, 8 year old gelding, he loves to work and play, and for a fun loving rider he’s without stress but with a lot of fun 🙂  Gabriel has very good temperament, is willing to please, and wants to do the right thing. He has good energy, and a happy disposition, and is such a cool playmate and companion for those that like to go out and do things with their horse. He gives his all if that is what you want, and is also fine with going on a relaxed ride, or to be cuddled with and pampered with. He has a very smooth/soft tolt, it is often in clear 4-beat, can be pacy too, but it is always super smooth. He has gone on up to 5-7 hour long rides, with a couple of half hour stops, and he never gets lazy, just willing to work. And the rider is always happy too, because Gabriel is so smooth that one can sit on him forever. He has both a good go, and also stops very easily, has a good „whoa“. The trot is ground covering and also smooth to sit on, and it is also good to sit on the canter/gallop. He listens well to the rider’s hands. Trailer loads easily, good on the ground, easy to catch, friendly in pasture. Has learned a little bit about leg yielding, backing and turning on the forehand. Has done a lot of trekking in very difficult terrain and is very willing to go over all sorts of scary or difficult landscape, willing to herd sheep and horses, willing to go alone and in company, he adjusts very easily to all jobs. He is experienced, has been ridden for a while in a busy area by a village, and a lot in the nature.

Sire (father): IS2002158445 – Bjarmi frá Enni (A successful competition stallion).
Dam (mother): IS1998284373 – Glíma frá Skíðbakka.

Meaning of name: The archangel Gabriel, fits well for a horse with such glowing bright color.
Age: 8 (born 2007)
Color: Palomino (Isabella / leirljós ).
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2007135416.

Price 550 000 isk (ca. 3950 EUR, ca. 4250 $).

Video of Gabriel:

Gabr 1 gabr 3 gabr 4 IMG_1593 IMG_1598