Project Description

Advertisment from January 2021.

Geysir frá Syðri-Ingveldarstöðum
⭐️Experienced gelding.
⭐️ Riding video at
⭐️Talented, yet easy going.
⭐️Friendly and easy to catch.
⭐️Super smooth tolt, he’s like a sofa to sit on.
⭐️Top temperament, Geysir is simply willing to please.
⭐️Great on the ground.
⭐️Totally calm in the herd and with other horses.
⭐️Comfortable energy, responds well when asked to go faster, but is not pushing to go.
⭐️Loves to tolt but will also trot easily.
⭐️Has been schooled a lot, leg-yields, does shoulder-in walk and tolt, backs etc.
⭐️Courageous on the trail and very experienced.
⭐️Calm and patient in the stable.
⭐️Father has four 9´s for talents (and there’s a bunch more of super good horses in Geysir’s pedigree).
⭐️Is in training now, in Northern Iceland.
⭐️Export is super easy, there are no restrictions on horse travel, and we help with the whole process.

Feel free to ask any questions, it’s easiest through PM but you can also call me in +354-8478716