Project Description

Dagbjört IS2015258172 is a cremello (or “albino” as they’re sometimes called, but albinism doesn’t exist in horses), that is, she has a creme gene from both parents, so all her offspring will have the creme gene, which makes for example the beautiful isabella and buckskin colors.

She is born 2015.

The name Dagbjört means Bright Daylight (it is a not uncommon woman’s name in Iceland and a beautiful name, at least for us Icelanders 🙂

We can board her for you for a fair price, if you’d want to let her stay in Iceland and breed her in 2018.  Her father’s father was evaluated with 8,29 at breeding evaluations, with talents score of 8,41.

She has had basic training, she knows how to be haltered and stand tied, to be brushed, to be led, be longed, have feet lifted and trimmed, to be trailer loaded.  She is a courageous horse and quick to learn.

She is 250.000 isk (ca. 2000 EUR or 2500 $, but contact us for updated info on the exchange rate, it might improve considerably).


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