Project Description

IS2009258922 – Valdís frá Keldulandi. 145 cm. tall.  Born 2009.

A wonderfully smooth riding horse, soft in the mouth and listens well.

Valdis is four gaited, her main gaits are walk tolt and gallop, but she also has a smooth trot, but you really have to ask for it, she prefers tolting. The tolt is sofa smooth to ride on.

Her willingness to go is just asking what you want, she is fine with working hard and going fast if you like that, and she is fine with relaxing and being calm.

We have used her for three years on tourist tours, and she was f.ex. wonderful to put people on that had only ridden big trotting horses, because she is so sofa soft to ride on, she makes everybody fall in love with the breed. She is easy for rather inexperienced people, but not lazy enough for total 1. time riders, even though we’ve used her a bit for inexperienced well balanced people when needed. She follows other horses perfectly, will never run away from other horses, and she listens perfectly to “Whoooaaa” for slowing down or stopping, or “hop-hop” for going faster (it is like having a remote control, I can ride on another horse and when I say the sound signals she responds to them too). She is perfectly trained for her job. She is fine with standing tied for an hour under saddle if needed, loves being brushed and taken care of, perfectly still at shoeing or when cleaning hooves, trailer loads perfectly, friendly in pasture and easy to catch, not afraid of cars driving past her 1 meter away on the road where she’s ridden. She’s not very good when ridden alone, needs an experienced rider there or she’ll be naughty and try going home after a few rides if only ridden by an inexperienced rider. She’s got good stamina, we’ve ridden her on up to 5 hour long tours with one ca. half hour break. She’s a wonderful horse for tourist tours, riding school for beginners, as a family horse where people go together out on rides, or other similar kind of riding.  I show it well on the video how she reacts calmly about scary things or a scary rider, I am doing everything there for the first time with her, I didn’t practice the drill with her, this is simply how she is 🙂


Price 500.000 isk (ca. 4700 $, ca. 4000 EUR – but contact us for updated info, the exchange rate might improve tremendously)


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