Project Description

Ísafold is a trained mare with good pedigree, but not fully trained tolt, so the price is fair.  This mare has a good go, nice energy and is a joy to ride for the experienced rider, will never give up.  Strong mare, smooth.  4-gaited, has fast and wonderful trot, is learning to tolt and has a nice slow tolt with clean beat now, will have a good fast tolt later.  Leg yields, back, turns on the forehand.  Trailer loads easily, friendly and interested in people, easy to catch.  Easy to shoe, excellent on the ground.  Wonderful pedigree, good breeding prospect, will throw both greys and tobianos.  Courageous, loves off road riding, is very courageous and sure footed in difficult terrain.  Is a true princess adventure horse in her look, everybody loves her face, she’s like a unicorn without the horn.  Has been ridden for a few months.  Can be bred before export.  Is a good price now as she’s not been ridden more because of lack of time.

Meaning of name: An old poetic name for Iceland.
Age: 6 (born 2009)
Color: Grey pinto / tobiano, born black pinto (konstant skimmel födt svart skäck / grå födt sort broget / gráskjótt fædd brúnskjótt).
Level: Intermediate / experienced riders.
Registration number: IS2009258039.
Size: 138 cm / 13.2 hands.

Sire (father): IS2003187053 – Kjarni frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (Evaluated with 8,55 for talents, 8,41for conformation, 8.50 in main score – was the highest evaluated stallion in the 6 year old division on the world championships in 2009).

Dam (mother): IS1995236519 – Glaðning frá Stangarholti (Evaluated with 7,93 in main score, 7.79 for conformation and 8.02 for talents).

Price 400.000 isk (ca. 3100 $, ca. 2800 EUR).