We at Langhus farm love good horses, talented, with good conformation, willing to please, and colorful. Then a few years ago, Hersing from Langhusum was born, and what joy, the mare foal was black-roan (colorchanger)- pinto (skäck). And the foal played around for the next few years with a raised neck and huge footlift. Now she has been evaluated with 7.73 in main score, and the remark “Good footlift” everywhere. We are just so perfectly happy 🙂
She could get higher scores with more riding, but now she will join our band of broodmares and enjoy a good life with freedom and cute, talented, colorful babies.  She is now being bred to Álfur from Selfossi (evaluated with 8.46).

Aha… so you like our wide open landscape 🙂 Yes I do too, space space space, and tall mountains in the distance 🙂 Here you see our Hersing in her 8.5 trot, and in space 🙂

For fun, here is the roan (litförott/color changer) mare Hersing in January, when she was 4 years old 🙂 So, her black spots turn grey in spring and fall, they’re with sprinkled grey hairs in the summer time… and in January they’re black again 🙂 I love that color, and it’s been our dream for a long time to have a talented mare in that rare color (there are just a few hundred color changers in the Icelandic breed in the world).

Hersing last year, when she was rather green.