It is super popular by couples, or groups of 10 people or less, to add on going to our indoor geothermal mineral bath (where you also can take a shower) for relaxation and fun, for maybe an hour.  The mineral bath is 38°C (100°F), and is indoors, so it offers privacy and is great in all weathers.  You get that as a very cheap add-on option for 2000 ISK per person.  Towels are provided, but you provide swim suits.

Or, if you take a package of horse tour, waffles and drinks (light lunch), ending with relaxing in the geothermal mineral bath, you have a gorgeous day program.

Healthy through water. Already the old Viking settlers in Iceland knew about the healing power and positive effect of water on body, mind and soul and wonderful pools, which served cleaning, relaxation and regeneration.
Let the natural power of the healing thermal water fill your senses and experience moments of complete wellbeing.  Use the chance to switch off completely and gather new strength.

This is also simply a popular choice for those that want to leave the farm newly bathed, and if you have an allergy for horses it’s great to do the outdoor ride and then take the bath and switch clothes, and then it’s super likely the allergy won’t bother you.

Health benefits of geothermal hot spring mineral water baths.

If you love science, here are some fun facts, the heat and the minerals are known to have these effects:

  • Reduces stress by relaxing tense muscles.
  • It boosts blood circulation and overall oxygen flow.
  • Promotes sleep.
  •  May aid in pain relief and fatigue.
  • The water found in natural hot springs contains a variety of different minerals, including calcium, silica, sulfate, magnesium, iron, potassium, mineral salt and zinc. Our bodies soak up these minerals when we are in a hot spring, which increases circulation and overall oxygen flow.
  • Help with relieving conditions such as eczema, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and psoriasis.
  • Strengthening, renewing and moisturizing the skin, bringing radiance and rejuvenation while stimulating circulation.

The Langhus hot spring (Dælislaug) brings up mineral water from 170 meters (560 feet) down in the ground, 35 liters (9 gallons) per second, 112 °C (230 °F).

Pictures of the Dælislaug itself:

Close up:

In the distance:

Add-on option:  Icelandic traditional waffle lunch with great drinks:

On top of this it is super popular to add on getting Icelandic waffles with a choice of toppings.  Either homemade blueberry jam, or the traditional Icelandic way (with homemade rhubarb jam), also whipped cream (if you like), or simply Nutella chocolate spread. Also with good real coffee, a choice of teas, or excellent quality dark hot chocolate (with cream if you like).  You get that as a very cheap add-on lunch option to the other options for 1900 ISK per person.