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Ísafold from Langhúsum

Ísafold is a trained mare with good pedigree, but not fully trained tolt, so the price is fair.  This mare has a good go, nice […]

Gabríel from Sómastöðum.

Gabriel is an experienced riding horse, very happy, and smooth, 8 year old gelding, he loves to work and play, and for a fun loving rider he’s […]

Eyrir from Þúfum

Eyrir is a very talented riding horse, with excellent speed range, fast tolt and trot, and excellent footlift.  Good competition prospect for club competition or […]

Lukka from Fitjum

Lukka is a trained and experienced mare, probably homozygous pinto (so all her foals will become pinto and colorfull), and with good temperament.  She’s courageous, has […]

Gjörð from Grófargili

Gjörð is started under saddle, a bit inexperienced but with very good temperament, and courageous for her training stage. She’s friendly in pasture, trailer loads […]

Glóbjört from Hömluholti

Cremello mare (so all her offspring should become palomino/isabella, or buckskin or smoky black), a little bit trained but not ridden yet, with good pedigree, […]