We often employ people on the farm.  It can be a paid work position, for somebody ready to work here for 4 months or longer.  It can also be 1-2 positions for students from agriculture schools that want to work on a farm and can use it as a part of their studies.   Bed and board is always provided on the farm.  The work can be with various things, it’s often a question about agreement, it can include taking care of the horses, taking care of the household (cooking and cleaning), milking the cows with us and working in the cow stable, tractor work or other things you could be interested in doing.  Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a training period, or work,  on an Icelandic farm.

Update:  We have hired a good man here, but if you are looking for a job on an Icelandic farm, you can check on info for that under the link Iceland and then Work in Iceland.