I own a share in the stallion Tígull from Gýgjarhóli.  This spring I had booked breedings for all my broodmares when I found out this was a summer where I had the right to breed a mare to Tígull.  So, I am offering the stud fee for a low price, 50.000 isk (318 EUR, 380 us$).  Also, if you buy one of my mares, you can breed her to Tígull.  The stallion is evaluated with 8,65 for conformation, 8,56 for talents, is 4-gaited with 9.5 for tolt and 9.5 for trot.  He is one of the highest evaluated 4-gaited stallions in the world.  You can see a video of Tígull at

Tígull from Gýgjarhóli (at hofapressan.is)