We had a broodmare, Harpa from Neðri-Hrepp, that we loved a lot.  She was fun, energetic, talented, courageous, so smooth and with good footlift, and we just loved her. 

The roan (color changer) color is on the brink of extinction in the Icelandic horse.  It is a wonderful color, where the horse shows it’s color in the wintertime, becomes white (with colored head and tail) in the spring and fall, and in the summer it’s like it’s been sprinkled with sugar.  Now there was a roan stallion we could use, a looker with good footlift and good pedigree, and we took Harpa to him.  This was Heimir from Vatnsleysu.

We were so happy when the foal was born, it was a mare, and she was black roan (from dad) and pinto (from mother).  And we got so much happier when she grew up, because she showed good footlift and such beautiful gaits already as a youngster.

Now when she became adult we didn’t have as much time to train her as we’d have wanted, but she was evaluated this spring, and it was a good start.  But, what is more important, is that she shows a lot of potential, she needs balance in the gaits, as she’s working with footlift and reach and it takes time to know what to do with all this.  And she’s 5-gaited, and a good size (139 cm), with energy and is a fun ride, the future is just looking bright.   There are wonderful horses coming together in her, in her pedigree you find Hervar from Sauðárkróki, Dagur from Kjarnholtum, Glampi from Vatnsleysu and thereby Albína from Vatnsleysu.  And, last but not least, Hersing is a blast to ride, so delightful.

So, here are for fun some pictures of her.