The summer does not come in the same way here as in warmer countries.  We still have snow drifts in the mountains in the background, and the fields are full of dead grass, but the green grass is also sticking up it’s nose everywhere.  There are Easter lilies and more flowers blossoming in the garden, the kids are outdoors all day long, the lambs are being born, the sun doesn’t set untill at midnight.  The bunnies are indoors in the wintertime but we put them in the outdoor fence yesterday, and the sheep that have to be stabled in the wintertime are loving to take a sunbath with the babies.  One of the sheep on the pictures has a “bag” under the tail, it’s because it’s starting to give birth.  Drifa, the roan mare (color changer), that is chestnut in the wintertime, is white with a chestnut head now.  And the dog and the kids love hanging around the sheep, and take care of the mothers and babies.  These pictures were taken yesterday.