The first foal of the year was a fun addition to our herd : )  We have a broodmare, Feykivinda from Syðstu-Grund, which is in our herd for fun, as we simply like her.  She is not evaluated or from evaluated parents, but we now many of her relatives and like them.  And, she is a fun riding horse, with good temperament, with a nice riding horse conformation, and she’s blue dun and silver dapple : )  So, a fun mare to breed colorful and nice riding horses from.

She was the first one to foal this year, and it was a very nice silver dapple colt.  He’s now a silvery-greyish color but will become dark brown with white mane and tail.  His father is a young stallion, Kompás frá Skagaströnd, of super blodlines and has good movements, with a blup of 117, so I look forward to when he’s evaluated 🙂
The colt is very attractive, with a raised neck and speedy tolt and trot, very proud.  I haven’t found a name yet, I always have to think for months to find the best name in the world *smile*, but he’s having fun in our herd meanwhile 🙂