The Knappstadir-mass day was on the 8. of July. Knappstadir is one of the oldest timber churches in the country, small (it seats 25 people) but very beautiful. When the annual mass/congregation is by the friends of the church, there are always a lot more people showing up than can sit in the church, and then people just sit in the graveyard, listen to the service, and enjoy life. All the people from the area bring a cake with them,and then after the mass there is a wonderful and peaceful cake party for everybody, in the graveyard. The horse people in the area that possibly can (6-77 yo), come riding on their horses, and ride home together in merry groups, to their farms. One of the sweetest days of the year in a group of our good friends/neighbours.  On the pictures you can f.ex. see Láki, Lukka. Orri Sigurbjörn and Heimir.