Project Description

IS2015257052 – Andrea frá Ketu

I have a blue dun pinto ( musblack skäck / mósótt skjótt) mare for sale, Andrea, 6 years old (born 2015), started under saddle and has been ridden a lot on trails. Great temperament. Tall, , probably 140 cm. Age . Trained for 4 months, easy from the start, lots of tölt, trot and flying pace, but the gaits haven´t been formally trained by a pro. Was trained by an experienced young rider (that’s not used to working with gaits), but it will be easy for a trainer used to gait work to teach her to do the gaits on clue. Pretty. Easy to catch, good on the ground. Trailer loads easily. Has been shod once and it went ok. Has been bred without complications and had a baby.

I can send you videos in email or on Facebook.