It is a huge interest and hobby for us to study stallions, what stallions to use to our mares.  We use some super highly evaluated stallions.

We also use young unevaluated stallions on a couple of mares each summer. Then we have to make very educated guesses on the stallions based on the pedigree, their relatives, and how they are themselves. And how are the results?

One of them, Kompás frá Skagaströnd, got today, 8,46 for conformation and 8,40 for talents
Another one, Háttur from Þúfum, has now 8,68 (8,61 for conformation and 8,73 for talents).
Another one, Hnokki from Þúfum, has now 8,59 (8,28 conf and 8,80 tal).

So, I am very happy with my results in educated breeding decisions 🙂