NN (name is in process) from Langhúsum.

Age:  Born 2012)
Color: Bay pinto, propably splash carrier (brun skåck / brun broget / jarpskjóttur), possibly homozygous pinto as both parents are pinto (and then all his offspring will be pinto).

Beautiful youngster that has good movements and conformation, and the pedigree to be a 1. prize prospect for the future.  Price includes boarding untill January 2013, halter training, training to be led and longed, to have feet clipped, and be trailer loaded and just to have a good relationship with people.  An incredible number of stars in the pedigree, like IS1986186055 – Orri frá Þúfu, IS1968157460 – Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, IS1981187020 – Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I, IS1973135980 – Gáski frá Hofsstöðum.

The father of the foal is IS2002187662 – Álfur frá Selfossi , which is pinto with splash, evaluated with 8,46 in main score, 8,11 for conformation, 8,69 for talents, 9,5 for tolt, 9,0 for trot etc.  Álfur is only 10 years 0ld and has already had 13 1. prize offspring which is an extremely rare achievement.  Álfur has 127 in BLUP.

The mother of the foal is IS1995236519 – Glaðning frá Stangarholti , which is grey + bay pinto.  She is evaluated with 7.93 in main score, 7,79 for conformation and 8,02 for talents, even though she’s 4-gaited, she’s got 8.5 for tolt and 8.5 for trot.  She has one evaluated offspring, which is a 1. prize mare.

The foal is 12 hours old on the pictures.

Price in the summer 2012:  500.000 isk (3.000 EUR or 3.900 us $).