Our lambs are being born this week.  We have 14 ewes and one ram, so our sheep farm is more for pleasure than anything else.  But, 13 ewes have had their lambs now, a total of 24 lambs.  We love colors in our animals, and have now every possible color in our little group (grey, black, chocolate brown, goltott (light body with colored face, feet and belly), botnott (dark body with light belly), dropott (polka dots), and pinto spots – we even have one white sheep, just for the variation).

We put new gravel in the outdoor pen that the sheep have, and the whole family helps with distributing the gravel.  The puppy, Skrudda, watches enthusiastically, she loves the baby lambs, but does not intrude in any way, just spends her day on a little hill beside the pen, admiring the youngsters.  The horses do the same.  The lambs are admired by everybody.

The sheep with the huge horns, that’s our ram.  He is just 1 year old, and his horns will only grow bigger as he matures.