A wonderful 5 year old minimal pinto (skäck / broget / piebald) mare for sale, Æska from Langhusum. Both parents are evaluated, 4-gaited, with 8 / 8.5 / 9 for the basic gaits (tolt, trot, canter/gallop). Æska has good energy, loves to tolt but has easy tolt and trot, and is a nice fun riding horse for the experienced rider now, has the potential for being a novice rider horse when she has more experience.  Both parents have been successful at competitions, in 4-gait and tolt.  Æska tolts and trots and has been ridden in some traffic, with running dogs and in variating surroundings.  She is pinto, does not have a lot of white on her but can throw babies with more white.  She is very friendly, trailer loads, is used to children on the ground, easy to shoe.  This is an easy horse to train more, or to use as a nice broodmare.
Price 500.000 isk (ca. 3000 EUR).